How an Email Manager Leaves a Job

I’ve been managing email systems for years and have been manager of the team that manages email (among other things) for the past 2 years. While my primary focus was on Exchange email, I also had a great understanding of different spam systems and how they worked. When my most recent company was purchased by an “Anything But Microsoft” company, the writing was on the wall.

As a result, I’m done! Here’s my goodbye notice to my co-workers. Enjoy!

December 26th is my last day here. Last week, I received a message from a Doctor in Nigeria. Apparently, I can assist with the transfer of $21,320,000.00 (TWENTY ONE MILLION, THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND U.S. DOLLARS) for his family out of the country into US Banks. For helping settle the transaction, I will receive 70% of the transferred funds. On top of that, my wife has won the UK-LOTTO Sweepstakes in Johannesburg, South Africa. We will be getting another $2,500,000 (TWO MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND U.S DOLLARS)!

I’ve already provided my PIN number to Citibank per their email to facilitate the transaction (didn’t even know I had an account there) and have been contacted by Fedex regarding a package I have to pick up, which I believe contains the money. I only had to send them $500 to get it!

I can’t justify coming into an office anymore with this sum of money in my bank account. I’ve received an email that I can make thousands of dollars per month working from home for Google, so rest assured, I will stay busy. Of course, this will have to wait until I get back from my FREE Disney trip (thanks Facebook)!

I wish you all the best, it has been a pleasure working with you all. We’ve really done some fantastic things over the years.

If you’d like to stay in touch, I’m on LinkedIn. Try not to spam me, I keep a keen eye out for that stuff!


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