Matthew Sekol is an ESG and Sustainability Industry Advocate at Microsoft. He connects the dots between trends and technology, guiding firms through their digital transformation journey with an eye for ESG.

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Matt came into ESG from his time supporting the financial markets and seeing the disconnect between ESG and corporates. He now applies that learning to cross-industry companies, helping them work through their most challenging issues. He also sits on the LPAC of Morgan Stanley’s Next Level Fund, which invests in diverse-led and founded startups.

Matt earned his BA in English from the Pennsylvania State University and leverages his unique mix of skills to make complex ESG concepts simple through his newsletter, The ESG Advocate. He managed one of the most successful Microsoft partners in the US, has published articles about technology, culture, and business, and speaks regularly at conferences and events.

You’ll find Matt running on the trail, listening to podcasts, reading, and constantly learning new things outside of work.