I empower companies to create change in the world through ESG and sustainability with other multidisciplinary skills, including unique intersections with technology and the use of data, the liberal arts, and business acumen. This combination doesn’t occur naturally and took years to cultivate.

I change the world as a benevolent troublemaker.

This belief was born out of the heroes and anti-heroes of 1980s pop culture. However, I quickly realized this altruistic goal lacked a specific focus, so I pursued the means to achieve it – learning and writing.

I pursued the Liberal Arts and developed range. As the web exploded, technology intersected around me in opportunity. The summer after graduating with an English degree, I studied Microsoft coursework and embarked on a continuous self-learning strategy. Then, with my new Microsoft certification in hand (literally), I entered the workforce!

I combined my range and technology skills with analysis and storytelling to help me unpack complex issues and find solutions. I negotiated complex, multi-million-dollar IT contracts, modernized on the cloud, and managed and mentored over a dozen direct reports. Still, I yearned to make a more significant impact. This put me on the path to Microsoft and Financial Services.

Over time, I was drawn to the complexity of ESG and sustainability challenges, seeing the disconnect between the markets and their investments. Some of my successes include:

  • Serve on the LPAC of Morgan Stanley’s Next Level Fund. This is the only investment from Microsoft Treasury that they do not directly lead.
  • Doubling the Azure spend across Private Equity portfolio companies with active listening and a new sales program.
  • Authored Microsoft’s first customer-facing ESG whitepaper.
  • Responsible for an all-up $800M+ Capital Markets number and exceeded expectations.

My success is now built on my customers’ goals and impact, and I have a platform to influence change. I combine my unique experiences with continual learning and the latest developments to help companies connect innovative solutions to their risk and opportunities.

Outside work, you’ll find me writing a weekly ESG newsletter, reading books or listening to podcasts, striving to be a Learn-It-All, running, volunteering, and spending time with my fantastic wife and three kids.

If you think you might be pursuing a similar path, have an interesting ESG perspective, or want a compelling chat, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or on Twitter!