I believe I can change the world.

This belief was born out of the heroes and anti-heroes of 1980s pop culture. I realized in high school that altruistic goal lacked specific focus, so I pursued the means to achieve it – writing.

The internet arrived during my time in college and caused me to question this belief. I taught myself to code and created early websites for fun and extra credit. I pursued switching majors, but ridicule from the head of the Computer Science department squashed my new dreams, and so I graduated with an English degree.

Like any good hero, I created my own path to success. I saw technology and communication intersecting around opportunity. The summer after graduating, I studied Microsoft Networking Essentials and embarked on a continual self-learning strategy. With my new Microsoft certification in hand (literally), I entered the workforce!

My communications skills impacted the mindsets in the companies I worked for. I combined my skills in adaptability and storytelling with technology and empathy to help me enact change, but I wanted more impact. This put me on the path to Microsoft.

At Microsoft, my success is built on my customers’ success and I have a platform to truly empower change. I combine my unique experiences, continual learning, the latest market trends, and technology to help as many firms as I can connect the dots between innovative ideas and growth.

Outside of work, you’ll find me reading books or listening to podcasts, striving to be a Learn-It-All, writing articles, running, volunteering, and spending time with my amazing wife and three kids.

I am now exactly where I want to be – changing the world through an impact in Capital Markets while looking forward to the days when my kids take up the cause.