The Cloud and Scalability Pitfalls

Ah, the cloud. It will redefine our datacenters, lower our staffing costs and increase our scalability. If you give it a treat, it may even follow you home and provide everlasting comfort. Let’s talk scalability though. That term can be applied to the cloud in a multitude of ways. Once you build your company up […]

Part II of the ATS Saga: The ATS Made Me Lose My Mind

And I’m better for having lost my mind a little bit. Here’s the summary of Part I: After applying for several jobs via Applicant Tracking Systems, getting leads to real people through networking, not hearing anything from either the ATS or people and then watching the jobs disappear (read filled here), something in my brain […]

Office 365 vs. Google AppsWinning the Hearts and Minds of Small Business

Quartz posted an interesting article about Google stealing away Microsoft’s future customer base. The argument goes that Google’s less expensive options for email has built a small business customer base that is cost conscious above all and, as these businesses grow, they just build on Google Apps. The end result is a base of businesses that will grow larger and therefore, grow […]

Roast Beef and IT

I recently came across a neglected IT system. The software itself was up to date and patched, but the processes and management of this system had fallen away. The explanation I received was a story that I hadn’t heard before, but one that is used frequently to describe such a phenomenon in a business. The […]

What Weird Al can teach us about Corporate Communication

No, I’m not talking about “Word Crimes.” If you are that far gone, please close your LinkedIn account to avoid embarrassment and check with your nearest 7 year old for assistance. I’m talking about Weird Al’s all too familiar generic corporate speak found in “Mission Statement.” The song is a parody of Crosby, Stills & […]

Social Monitoring and Office 365

In June 2014, Microsoft suffered a several hour outage of Office 365. For my company, the main issue was around mail delivery, but other companies seemed to have email access issues as well. It became apparent to us that Office 365 was having an issue because both FOPE (long story) and our on-premise mail system couldn’t send […]

Referrals – Helping out everyone, even yourself!

From software resellers to consulting partners to yourself, everyone likes to be recognized for good work. Sometimes, you might be asked to do a referral for companies that you’ve worked with on a particularly successful project. This activity can have several benefits that are well worth pursuing. Keep in mind though that when doing a referral, […]

Part I of the ATS Saga: The Real Gatekeepers

Search for the terms ATS and resume on the internet and you’ll discover a ton of blog entries and articles about Applicant Tracking Systems, how they work and potentially, how you can game them. The problem is that you can’t really game them. You are at the mercy of something beyond your control, like asteroids and taxes, […]

When Top Down Management and Disagree and Commit Collide!

Battle Royale time! What happens when you take Top Down Management and mix in a fast paced Disagree and Commit strategy? Unhappy employees, poor decisions, and a culture of blame ensue. Before we get to that though, a little primer on both strategies. Top Down Management Top Down Management gives control of all decisions and discussion to […]

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