Where’s the Humor?

I’ve gotten into a full swing of writing LinkedIn articles now. I certainly don’t consider myself what you might call a ‘swinger,’ but I do alright. Some articles I write are serious, some are funny. On the flip side, I’ve read quite a few LinkedIn articles too. Most are serious and some talk about using humor or empathy in your job, but rarely do they use humor.

Come on, folks. We’re only on this crazy planet for a short time. We spend half of our lives working. Why not put a little humor into you day?

Corporate Life is Your Life
There’s a reason why people post Dilbert comics on their cubicle and dream of bashing their printer with a bat (a la Office Space). Working in the corporate world is horrible. It just is.

If you don’t believe me, consider the monotony, red tape,hours in pointless meetings, the soul sucking policies and procedures you must follow. Plus, what’s with that guy that always sleeps at his desk? How isn’t he fired yet?

If you’re happy in your job, come join the rest of us on the dark side. As the t-shirt states, we have cookies.

A Call to Action
I really believe LinkedIn Pulse should have a Humor channel. Work is ridiculous, yet we do it anyway. Why not let us share our combined depression and spin it into something humorous?

I certainly not proposing that we turn LinkedIn into Facebook, but come on! Being human means two things, you work and do stupid things. There are a million great stories out there (and voices) that have the power to give us a chuckle throughout our day.

I posted a request for this channel over in the LinkedIn Help Center. If you agree – go comment!

The Only Thing We Have to Fear
I can imagine why folks may not want to be funny on LinkedIn, I get it. You’re trying to get your name out there in your industry or maybe you are trying to get a job. But, you can spin out humor into a lesson. For example, I took a shot on two LinkedIn Posts when I got started. The first was about a bad ATS experience I had and the second was a humorous re-writing of my resume as a result. The end result? Maybe I imparted a little knowledge and backed up my belief that I use humor to get things done!

What are you afraid of? Get writing!

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