Why Microsoft Should Really Buy Blackberry

In all honesty, this is a hard sell. I’ve been supporting Blackberry in various capacities since they were little pager devices (collective Aww…). I’ve reveled in their downfall though, ultimately believing that ActiveSync was a much better solution than the old BES servers. Regardless, Blackberry is in its final throes, right? Well, maybe. Rumors about […]

Identity Theft – Through the Glass, Darkly

I read a lot, or at least I try to. My favorite author is Philip K. Dick. While a lot of Dick’s books deal with multiple level of identities (and puts them through the blender), I think even he would be hard pressed to imagine the world we’ve built around our identities and how freely […]

Let’s Fix It: The Gap Between IT Budgets and IT Security

Are there any excuses anymore for not dedicating a serious effort towards your company’s IT Security? There are some common and not so common things you might be thinking about for IT Security. Budgets and framing the conversation might be your biggest hurdle. Here are 3 examples how budget hacking can lead to…well, actual hacking and something you […]