How to Use 15% of Office or How to Use Google Apps

For a couple of years now, people have been comparing Google Apps for Business and Office 365. One of the common perceptions from the pro-Google side has been that most people on use 15% of the functionality within the Office software. They expand the conversation to state that the most commonly used spreadsheet features are in Google […]

Too Small to Jump – Office 365 and Smaller Businesses

Some new details emerged this week with the launch of FastTrack for Office 365. This solution, focused on business over 150 seats, aims to help you get your tenant up and running quickly. You can even go further and leverage FastTrack to get you with a partner if you need help migrating email. What about […]

Office 365 vs. Google AppsWinning the Hearts and Minds of Small Business

Quartz posted an interesting article about Google stealing away Microsoft’s future customer base. The argument goes that Google’s less expensive options for email has built a small business customer base that is cost conscious above all and, as these businesses grow, they just build on Google Apps. The end result is a base of businesses that will grow larger and therefore, grow […]

Social Monitoring and Office 365

In June 2014, Microsoft suffered a several hour outage of Office 365. For my company, the main issue was around mail delivery, but other companies seemed to have email access issues as well. It became apparent to us that Office 365 was having an issue because both FOPE (long story) and our on-premise mail system couldn’t send […]