How Microsoft Can Gain Traction in the Smartphone Wars

With the recent departure of Stephen Elop from Microsoft, there have been a number of articles speculating that this means 3 things: 1. No new Microsoft flagship phone is forthcoming. 2. Microsoft’s focus has shifted to iOS and Android apps. 3. Microsoft is existing the smartphone market altogether by killing Lumia. As I sit here with my old […]

How Does Your Article’s Title Impact Response?

I have a lot of strong opinions. Sometimes my opinions get me into trouble, but most times I use my opinions to get others to think or at least persuade them to see my point of view. Writing on LinkedIn has proven to be an interesting experiment for me over the past year. One thing […]

Why Microsoft Should Really Buy Blackberry

In all honesty, this is a hard sell. I’ve been supporting Blackberry in various capacities since they were little pager devices (collective Aww…). I’ve reveled in their downfall though, ultimately believing that ActiveSync was a much better solution than the old BES servers. Regardless, Blackberry is in its final throes, right? Well, maybe. Rumors about […]

How Microsoft Flow Could Be The Future of Chat

It seems like every tech company is tackling the problem of email volume. I think Microsoft’s Office 365 handles appropriate content management in a way to truly reduce email volume. Instant Messaging with Skype for Business is a great way to help. There are other players emerging too, like Slack, which seem to be finding real ways to reduce email pains. […]

How to Use 15% of Office or How to Use Google Apps

For a couple of years now, people have been comparing Google Apps for Business and Office 365. One of the common perceptions from the pro-Google side has been that most people on use 15% of the functionality within the Office software. They expand the conversation to state that the most commonly used spreadsheet features are in Google […]

The Most Intriguing Ways Lego Could Leverage the HoloLens

As I’ve previously stated, the most interesting thing about Microsoft’s Windows 10 announcement was the HoloLens reveal. It jumpstarted me into thinking about real world applications for the product. Harvard Business Review has an article on why businesses should stand up and pay attention to the HoloLens and I couldn’t agree more! As a Lego and […]

How Microsoft’s HoloLens Could be the Next App Store

The HoloLens stole the show at Microsoft’s Windows 10 unveiling. The demo video sure seems to be too good to be true. What’s more surprising is that the people who tried it seem to be impressed as well. The implications for this device could be huge and it could take off versus something like Google […]

The Story of My Career: How to Go from an English Major to IT

It was my 16th birthday and I was working at JCPenney’s in package pick-up. A co-worker heard it was my birthday and went over to the bookstore and purchased a copy of Kurt Vonnegut’s “Cat’s Cradle” for me. I had just finished reading George Orwell’s “1984” and both books blew my mind. This is what I […]

Microsoft and Mojang: Not Just Another Game Studio

Hindsight is 20/20, right? Let’s hop back in our time machines to the year 2000 and review some game studios that Microsoft has bought since then and what happened. We had just narrowly escaped the end of days and new, exciting video games were coming. The XBox 360 was still a few years away. By no means is this […]