Who’s in Control – You or Your Fear?

I admit it, I have a fear of flying. It might stem from having flown Kuwaiti Airlines during the Gulf War when I was 17 or a particularly disturbing 6 hour flight I took right after 9/11. Whatever the reason, I’ve been working on overcoming it for the past 2 years through an excellent program called SOAR, which has helped […]

The One Thing That Stops Top IT Talent

There’s something different about IT people. Sure, we like our salaries like everyone else, but a job is more than that. Seeing technology bring people together, make their lives easier and help the company grow is a great thing to be a part of. There’s a certain level of investment IT folks make in their […]

Tips for Ramping Up Your LinkedIn

Folks seem to have a love\meh relationship with LinkedIn. It is certainly a powerful networking tool, but a lot of folks only use it heavily when they are looking for a job. While I could probably write a whole article on why I’ve come to realize that’s a mistake, let’s stick to the topic and get […]

Part II of the ATS Saga: The ATS Made Me Lose My Mind

And I’m better for having lost my mind a little bit. Here’s the summary of Part I: After applying for several jobs via Applicant Tracking Systems, getting leads to real people through networking, not hearing anything from either the ATS or people and then watching the jobs disappear (read filled here), something in my brain […]

Referrals – Helping out everyone, even yourself!

From software resellers to consulting partners to yourself, everyone likes to be recognized for good work. Sometimes, you might be asked to do a referral for companies that you’ve worked with on a particularly successful project. This activity can have several benefits that are well worth pursuing. Keep in mind though that when doing a referral, […]

Part I of the ATS Saga: The Real Gatekeepers

Search for the terms ATS and resume on the internet and you’ll discover a ton of blog entries and articles about Applicant Tracking Systems, how they work and potentially, how you can game them. The problem is that you can’t really game them. You are at the mercy of something beyond your control, like asteroids and taxes, […]