Why Cloud?

Before we start, here is a quick refresher on the 3 types of cloud solutions, just in case you need it! Someone asked me the other day why any company would move their IT infrastructure to the cloud. They could see the benefit of SaaS platforms, like Office 365 and ServiceNow since those solutions remove the OS and software […]

Identity Theft – Through the Glass, Darkly

I read a lot, or at least I try to. My favorite author is Philip K. Dick. While a lot of Dick’s books deal with multiple level of identities (and puts them through the blender), I think even he would be hard pressed to imagine the world we’ve built around our identities and how freely […]

How to Use 15% of Office or How to Use Google Apps

For a couple of years now, people have been comparing Google Apps for Business and Office 365. One of the common perceptions from the pro-Google side has been that most people on use 15% of the functionality within the Office software. They expand the conversation to state that the most commonly used spreadsheet features are in Google […]

How Providers and Distributors are Dooming the Future of Content

It seems like the content providers just can’t figure out content distribution. Piracy is rampant, yet the options to get content are more confusing and siloed than ever before. Consumers are being driven away from the traditional cable/satellite subscription model and towards a solution rife with disparity. This isn’t a problem limited to just television, movie content seems to be annoyingly […]

The Most Intriguing Ways Lego Could Leverage the HoloLens

As I’ve previously stated, the most interesting thing about Microsoft’s Windows 10 announcement was the HoloLens reveal. It jumpstarted me into thinking about real world applications for the product. Harvard Business Review has an article on why businesses should stand up and pay attention to the HoloLens and I couldn’t agree more! As a Lego and […]

How Microsoft’s HoloLens Could be the Next App Store

The HoloLens stole the show at Microsoft’s Windows 10 unveiling. The demo video sure seems to be too good to be true. What’s more surprising is that the people who tried it seem to be impressed as well. The implications for this device could be huge and it could take off versus something like Google […]

How an Email Manager Leaves a Job

I’ve been managing email systems for years and have been manager of the team that manages email (among other things) for the past 2 years. While my primary focus was on Exchange email, I also had a great understanding of different spam systems and how they worked. When my most recent company was purchased by […]

Why You Should Trust the IT Early Bird

When I moved down to Frederick, MD a few years ago, I learned pretty quick that I needed to adjust my work hours. The commute to Rockville some days and Bethesda on others was tough. The 30 mile commute was always close to an hour, and that was on good days. In order to keep […]

Looking at Liberal Arts from the Outside

They call us dreamers and radicals. We took a chance at what we loved and came out the other side battle-worn. We are Liberal Arts graduates. A friend recently posted an article on Facebook about a conference for the future of Liberal Arts that took place at St. Johns College. It doesn’t look good. Here’s […]

Gen-Xers Value Life Balance, Too!

Another day, more articles about Millennials. Where are the articles for Gen-Xers? We’re out here and about to be the group that has to lead Millennials and the generation after them in the business world. Consider that the last of the Baby Boomers will be retiring in the next 10 years. Stack that on top of Gen-Xers […]