Don’t dismiss the Anti-ESG rhetoric

There’s one thing that we all seem to agree on. There are no standards for what ESG is, and yet, it dominates market attention. As a result, there is general befuddlement across investors, financial services firms, corporates, boards, and apparently political pundits. Since Elon Musk and Peter Thiel made public statements damning ESG as ‘the […]

COVID is pushing us to learn a lesson

Businesses, at least good ones, plan for the long term. Even as markets incentivize short-term gains at companies, long-term value is key. You can’t plan or outrace a global pandemic, however. So, why do we keep acting like we can? I understand people who want to get back to the office, I do. I love […]

Google’s AI Ethics controversy is an ESG nightmare

Timnit Gebru was fired over the power of words and the fear they can bring. These opinions are solely mine, informed by my observations, and does not represent any investment advice whatsoever. If I told you that one of the world’s most powerful, valuable, and influential companies fired a prominent Black female employee for calling […]

There is nowhere for companies to hide and politicians should be wary

Note: I do not have inside information for the reasons and motivations behind a company’s motivations in the wake of the US Capitol riots. This article contains my own observations, opinions, and analysis. Figuring out the difference between what is morally right or wrong is highly subjective. It’s often discussed through the lens of religion […]

The Impact of Empathy Over Time

How far does empathy go? One simple change in your approach as you attempt to understand someone better can set them (and you) on a completely different course. This can’t exactly be measured, but it clearly can make an impact. Years from now, you might look back fondly on a memory of someone who made […]

Gen-X: The Forgotten Generation

With National Geographic focusing on Generation X next week, I thought it would be a good time to address Generation X in the workforce. There are a couple of seismic shifts happening in the corporate world. Baby Boomers are retiring from the workforce in droves and Millennials are getting a big boost. Generation-X sits in the […]

At the End of the Day, You Should Read This

No expression gets under my skin lately more than “at the end of the day”. Over the past few months, I’ve been challenging to get myself through a day without hearing it, but inevitably, it rears its ugly head. I believe this expression is one of the most over used phrases in modern business. While […]

Phones are Dead! Long Live the Phones!

I’ve written about the death of email for personal communication, while business email has been unaffected. I’ve discussed how we’ve shifted personal email into something more functional through spam that we opt into willingly as consumers. Still thought something is amiss. There are now more ways to communicate than ever before, but for both personal and business communication, there can be […]

Spam is Dead! Long Live Spam!

Back in Part 1, I talked about the decline of personal email for communications. Our failure isn’t limited to email though. Here’s a quick story. I spent the better part of this past Father’s Day weekend working on my father-in-law’s computer and then again with my wife’s uncle’s computer. This started a lot of conversations on their […]

Email is Dead! Long Live Email!

As I check my personal email, I realize it has died. Yet, I still grab my phone and check my work email constantly. There is definitely a disparity today that wasn’t so apparent all those years ago. While business email has thrived with Microsoft Exchange and now Office 365, personal email has become a wasteland. I […]