Elevator Pitch
Elevators do not have pitch, you must be thinking of escalators.
(about 40 degrees in most cases)

My Story

“All this happened, more or less.” – Kurt Vonnegut

I was born in Philadelphia, PA on August 9, 1976. From an early age, I was creative. I loved to draw, write and read. I was thrilled when I got bifocals at 16. I thought glasses made me look smarter and would help me read faster. It turned out only one of those was true.

At a young age, possibly during exposure to 1980s pop culture, I believed that I could save the world. Unfortunately, that goal was too broad and lacked focus, so I decided to pursue writing and just be helpful where I could.

The internet arrived and exploded during my time in college and, as it tends to, caused me to question everything. I taught himself to code and built early websites for fun and extra credit. Despite my efforts to switch majors, ridicule from the head of the Computer Science department removed those thoughts, and so I graduated with an English degree.

Instead of finding work the summer after graduation, I studied Microsoft Networking Essentials with the support of my ever understanding parents. I became Microsoft certified and my first job out of college started a successful career in IT.

Then in 2014, the global company I was working for was purchased and summarily dismantled.

So it goes.

It was here that I left IT behind, realizing that my skills in adaptability, storytelling, and empathy could help me succeed in sales. From there, it was a short hop over to Microsoft.

Outside of work, you’ll find me reading or listening to others read books and being a Learn-It-All, writing articles online, running out on the D+L trail, volunteering, and spending time with my wonderful wife and three amazing kids.

I am now content to change the world and believes that it will be my kids who save it (possibly from one who will rule it).